SECUDE secures Indian defence data


Fighter jet from the Indian Air Force. Photo: iStockphoto

SAP partner and SAP data security specialist SECUDE has implemented its HALOCORE solution at the Research Centre Imarat (RCI), a laboratory for the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDO), located in Hyderabad, Telangana.

RCI researches and develops missile systems, guided weapons and advanced avionics for the Indian armed forces, and uses SAP as its core ERP system. With confidential information residing inside this system, any unmonitored leak, data breach or theft could potentially cause huge disruption to operations and compromise India’s national security.

“We are in a very serious domain – technology for national security. Naturally, we take extreme precaution to protect our data inside and outside our premises. SECUDE convinced us of the robustness of its SAP data security solution, HALOCORE, after a string of discussions, demonstrations and a pilot project to gauge its performance within our operational environment. With SECUDE’s HALOCORE, we are now doubly reassured of the security of our data despite multifarious threats,” says Gautam Mahapatra, director, technology and systems, RCI.

HALOCORE’s four modules – Monitor, Block, Protect and Data Stream Intelligence – are currently being utilised at RCI, with audit functionality providing RCI visibility into all data extracted from the enterprise, and the ‘Block’ module being used to provide an additional layer of security to the company’s purchase order transactions.

In the coming months, the solution will be extended across all other materials and finance processes in RCI. As a chosen data security solution for the SAP landscape, HALOCORE forms an integral part of DRDO’s plans to expand its SAP-based enterprise solution to their other labs.

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