SAP Cloud Trust Centre to provide real-time cloud service updates

SAP Cloud Trust Centre

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SAP has introduced the SAP Cloud Trust Centre, a public website that will provide real-time information about the current and planned operations of SAP cloud services, including availability and performance, as well as providing insights into how SAP manages mission-critical issues such as security, privacy and compliance.

“In our ongoing conversations with cloud customers, the number one thing we heard was transparency. They crave access to real-time information on system availability and performance,” said Michael Kleinemeier, executive board member, digital business services, SAP.

Initially visible on the new website are the SAP Integrated Business Planning solution, SAP S/4HANA Cloud software and the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service, with additional services expected to be added later this year.

“With the launch of SAP Cloud Trust Centre, we are giving everyone – from customers to the public – exposure to key aspects of how we run our cloud environment to continue building their trust and confidence in our capabilities,” said Kleinemeier.

SAP customers can access their personalised view via the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

The Cloud Service Status tab provides real-time cloud service updates showing the following status options by date: normal, partially impaired, impaired, partially interrupted, interrupted and scheduled maintenance. It also provides four weeks of historical data for context.

The Security tab provides information on how SAP delivers product security, cybersecurity and data centre security, while the Data Protection and Privacy tab describes how SAP handles data privacy and protects the rights of individuals including customers, employees, suppliers and partners. The Agreements tab provides the agreements that make up the SAP contract to enable prospective customers to understand the process.

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